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Juniperus / Juniper plants

Juniper Plants make beautiful additions to the garden, being both evergreen and spectacular in colour and form. This page covers sources of Juniper plants to be found online for quick and easy purchase and delivery to your home. If you are looking for more information on Junipers as garden plants please check out our main site at

Juniper Products
For products made from, or about, Junipers, such as herbal products, posters and books, please visit our products page: Juniper Products

Junipers as Bonsai
Juniper plants for bonsai, as well as established bonsai trees can be found on our bonsai page: Juniper Bonsai Trees but also check out the eBay listings below.

Juniper plants for garden ornamentation
Juniper plants for garden ornamentation and hedging can also be found in the eBay listings below, as well as at individual pages at this site, such as:

Skyrocket Juniper
Blue Star Juniper
Blue Rug Juniper
Green Mound Juniper

EBay is a good source of Juniper Plants for both bonsai and garden purposes. A window embedded in this page appears immediately below with the latest real-time Juniper plants auction listings, coutesy of - primarily for American users. (If the space below is empty then it may possibly be that the information will not display in your browser, in which case click here: Go to Juniper Trees listings at - opens in a new window)

How to grow Junipers
How to grow junipers in your garden - their cultivation requirements.

Ground Cover Plants: using junipers
Using junipers as ground cover plants.

Juniper Resources & Links
Juniper resources and links.

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